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e-dinar Client Referral Program

For each new e-dinar client that you refer to us, you will participate in the spend fees that we collect from every spend transaction received or made by that new client.

  • Every time an e-dinar client referred by you spends or receives a transaction, you get 10% of the spend fee.
  • Your 10% will be automatically credited to your e-dinar account (if you have more than one account it will go to the first account you created)
  • In order to refer a new client, you must place a link on your web site. When somebody clicks on that link and opens an e-dinar account, you will automatically benefit from all spend transactions of the new client.
  • The format of the link is as follows:
    https://www.e-dinar.com/cgi/index.cgi?ref=123456 (where 123456 must be substituted by your e-dinar account number)
  • Clicking on that link will create a cookie on the prospect's browser. The cookie has an expiration time of one week. If the new user registers within that time, you will be registered as the referrer for that client.
  • The number of clients you have referred to e-dinar is displayed immediately upon login to the e-dinar system.
  • The spend fee is split as follows:
    - 10% of the spend fee go to the client who referred the sender
    - 10% of the spend fee go to the client who referred the recipient
    - 80% of the spend fee go to e-dinar

Terms and conditions:

Duration of Referral Program
This is intended to be an ongoing arrangement. We reserve the right, however, to discontinue it, or alter the split, or to change payment processing fees (or eliminate them altogether), at any time, without notice other than a statement on the www.e-dinar.com web site.

A referrer must have an e-dinar account [incentive payments are automatically credited to the designated referrer's account].

We reserve the right to de-activate referrer privileges for any reason (or without cause). In the event of de-activation, referrals that were created prior to de-activation are not taken away. The referrer simply loses the ability to benefit from new referrals.


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