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Opening an account

Becoming an account holder is very easy and free-of-charge.

All you have to do is Open an Account by filling in a simple online form with your personal details. The form will ask you to supply a password which you need to access your account.

Every account holds two balances, an e-dinar balance (gold) and an e-dirham balance (silver). The two balances are independent of each other and their mutual exchange rate fluctuates relative to changes in the value of gold and silver.

Funding an account

Once you have completed the form you will be setup as a user (with a username and a password) in the system. As a user you can create one or more accounts. Every account has its unique account number. This account number can be made public and used by other people to make payments to your account.

IMPORTANT You will need both your username and your private password to access and manage your accounts.

Once you have opened an account you are ready to receive funds.

You can fund your account with e-dinars/e-dirhams in one of two ways:

Firstly, you can receive an e-dinar/e-dirham payment into your account from another e-dinar account holder.

Secondly you can exchange your national currency for e-dinar/e-dirham and have the e-dinars/e-dirhams made available in your account. To do this you must login to your account and use the "buy gold/silver" account function.

Account balance

The Balance function allows you to see how much e-dinar/e-dirham you have available in your account including its value in different weight units and national currencies. National currencies are only displayed for your information and will fluctuate relative to changes in the value of gold and silver.

Buy Gold/Silver

This function provides an exchange service to turn national currencies into e-dinar/e-dirham. You can deposit your national currency with us by filling out the attached form and transferring your national currency to our bank account. The details about our bank account will be displayed in this process.


The Spend function allows you to make payments from e-dinar/e-dirham accounts to other e-dinar/e-dirham accounts. The spend amount will always be calculated in e-dinar/e-dirham. However you have the option to enter the spend amount in a national currency. The amount of e-dinar/e-dirham actually spent will be calculated according to the current exchange rate.

Sell Gold/Silver

This function provides an exchange service for converting e-dinar/e-dirham into major national currencies by filling out the attached form and transferring the desired amount of e-dinar/e-dirham, to the e-dinar out exchange account. You will then receive a bank wire to your bank account in the national currency of your choice. The costs for the wire transfer are charged to your account.

Get Coins

This function allows account holders to take physical possession of an equivalent amount of gold and silver coins.

My user data

This function allows you to revise and update the personal information you supplied when opening your account. This is useful to update your postal or e-mail address or change your password.

Account history

The History function keeps a running log of all transactions related to your account and allows you to view these in any number of ways.

my Accounts

This function displays all accounts to which you have access. Normally you will have only one account. However you can open as many accounts as you like under your username. You will be the primary user for accounts which are created by yourself. Furthermore other account holders can grant you different levels of access to their accounts. Those accounts will also be displayed in the my Accounts function.

Manage users

This function allows you to grant several access permissions to others users of the system. Users are identified by their username. In order to grant somebody access to your account you have to know their username. Please be very careful when granting access permissions to other users as you will be fully responsible for any transactions these users perform whith the rights you granted to them. Access permissions can be limited to "view balance", "buy gold/silver", "sell gold/silver", "get coins", "see history", "manage users" and any combination thereof.

e-dinar Merchant Access

A detailed description of e-dinar's Merchant Access for integration into shopping cart software can be found here.

e-dinar Application Interface

A detailed description of e-dinar's Application Interface for automation of account processes can be found here.


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