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Customer Identification and Acceptance Policy (CAP)

Compliance with UAE Financial Regulations

To comply with UAE financial regulations on customer identification and anti-money-laundering, we need to demonstrate that e-dinar:

  • knows its customers well
  • does everything in its power to prevent e-dinar from being used in any form of illegal activities
Even though e-dinar is not a bank (it does not make loans nor does it take deposits or create deposit liabilities because the owner of metal in storage retains ownership at all times), e-dinar requires full compliance with key UAE financial regulations to:
  • best protect the long-term interests of its customer
  • to avoid potential business disruption as a result of regulatory compliance issues
For the above reasons, all e-dinar customers must - in addition to their contact information they enter online - send us a photocopy of their passport or ID card before we release our bank contact details to them. For amounts above 10'000 USD the photocopy must be certified. Please ensure that photocopies are of sufficient quality (i.e. documents are legible; the facial features in the photo ID are clearly visible). Poor quality documents and photocopies will not be accepted.

Who can certify a copy of your passport or ID card?

  • a bank or regulated financial services business in your country of residence;
  • a lawyer or notary public who is a member of a recognised professional body;
  • an accountant who is a member of a recognised professional body;
  • a member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, or a serving police or customs officer;
  • an actuary who is a member of a recognised professional body;
  • an officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue of documentary evidence of identity;
  • any individual that is qualified to undertake certification services in your country of residence.

Where should you send the certified copy of your passport or ID card to?

Small account holders who plan to buy less than 10'000 USD in total gold and silver can scan their passport or ID card and email it to: documents@e-dinar.com. Large account holders who plan to buy more than 10'000 USD in total gold and silver must have their passport or ID card certified and send it by postal mail to us at the following address:

e-dinar FZ-LLC
P.O Box 500237
Dubai Internet City
Dubai UAE

To facilitate internal processing, please make sure that you put your telephone number and email address on the photocopy of your passport or ID card and that you register on the e-dinar system before sending your documents.
Once we have received and accepted your passport or ID card copy, we will email you (generally within one business day) the bank wire instructions to transfer funds to our e-dinar account at Emirates Bank International in Dubai. We accept funds in USD, Euro and AED.
Since regular postal mail may take one to two weeks depending on the point of origin, large account holders can expedite the process by using a courier service for document submission.

Privacy Policy

Please note that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed without your express consent except when e-dinar might be required to provide information pertaining to you in order to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of Dubai and the UAE.


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