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Halal exchange and payment system

100% physical gold and silver backing of all e-dinar/e-dirham in circulation

Universal currency - no inflation or exchange losses

Free account creation in real-time

Spend fee is 1% of transaction amount but max. 0.015 e-dinar (for e-dinar transactions) / max. 0.5 e-dirham (for e-dirham transactions)

Instant payments (no delays) - occur in real-time - are private (encrypted transactions) - no bank as intermediary

Although there are many benefits of using e-dinar, perhaps the most important benefit is that you can be rest assured your assets and transactions are as solid and secure as gold.

e-dinar provides instant settlement. This means that in the split second it takes to complete a transaction, cleared funds are transferred from the payers account into the payees account.

Because e-dinar transactions are instantaneous and can only take place with cleared funds (there is no credit anywhere in the system), the payee can make immediate use of these funds.

e-dinar is the most flexible and secure way to make and receive payments for goods or services over the internet.

e-dinar transactions are executed directly between the two parties involved without requiring third-party intermediaries.


 Gold- and silver price (1 day)
 Gold ($)
 Silver ($)
 Gold (€)
 Silver (€)
 Gold- and silver price (5 years)
 Gold ($)
 Silver ($)
 Gold (€)
 Silver (€)
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