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Gold and silver are the most stable currency the world has ever seen. Protect your wealth by buying gold and silver.

Secure Vault

The physical gold and silver of your e-dinar account is stored in a secure vault in Dubai. Every e-dinar account is at all times 100% backed by physical gold and silver.

Buy Gold and Silver online

e-dinar offers very competetive rates for purchasing gold and silver and for transactions between e-dinar accounts. Check our rates here.

Hold Gold Dinar and Silver Dirhams in your hands

Use our online shop to buy physical Gold Dinar and Silver Dirhams. They will be delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

Dear customers,

Kindly be informed that the shareholders decided to liquidate the e-dinar FZ LLC company in Dubai Internet City and to pay out its customers by the end of January 2018. Please do not worry - all accounts are 100% covered by precious metals and can be converted and paid out in full.

As a consequence, we will not accept or process any new purchase orders.

We took this difficult step with great regret. Now entering the sixth year of an ongoing lull in the precious metal market - all the "fast" money seems to have moved into crypto-currencies - e-dinar has underperformed for several years, thus forcing its closure.

To terminate your account with e-dinar, kindly proceed as follows:

1. Login to your account at www.e-dinar.com and use the "Sell Gold/Silver" transaction to convert your account(s) into cash. In case you have several accounts, all accounts will be converted simultaneously.

2. When you outexchange your account(s), please verify that your banking details are correct in order to ensure a smooth fund transfer. Note that funds can only be transferred to a bank account in your own name and not in the name of a third party (important: small errors in the banking details can lead to endless delays). Please provide your IBAN account number and SWIFT code of your bank if that exists in your country.

3. Your precious metal will then be sold at the following day's London fixing.

4. E-dinar will credit your bank account with the proceeds (minus the agreed out-exchange and bank transaction fees) within five to max. eight business days of your outexchange.

5. Accounts containing less than 50 USD will not be refunded since the transaction and handling fees would exceed the principal.

Our Managing Director Zeno Dahinden will contact the larger customers personally to answer their questions and assist them as required. All other customers can send questions and concerns to our email address support@e-dinar.com which will be responded to expediently either by email or phone.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your year-long trust in our company and wish you all the best for the future.

With kind regards,

Zeno Dahinden Managing Director e-dinar FZ-LLC


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